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7 Things You Need to Know about Removing a Stump

Why Stumps are Removed

Whether a tree comes down in a natural way during a storm or due to disease or is taken down deliberately, it often leaves something behind: the stump. Hentges Tree Service offers tree stump removal as an add-on service when we remove your tree or as a stand-alone service for an existing stump on your property. There are several reasons to eliminate a stump.

  • They reduce the visual appeal of the lawn
  • Pose a threat to someone’s safety
  • To protect other trees from disease or pests
  • To prevent damage to underground utilities
  • To prevent new sprouts from growing where they’re unwanted

How Pricing is Determined

Every removal job is different and the cost of removing a stump varies. Pricing is therefore subject to many things, such as the method required and the region. The process of removing a stump includes heavy machinery and strenuous labor. Tree service companies could price the assignment by looking at the estimated time required, stump diameter, and/or type of tree. Some tree services require a minimum fee for stump removal.

Methods used for Stump Removal

  • Chemically rotting
  • Burning
  • Manually removing

Preparing the Site

Before removal, it is important to prepare the area of extraction. Begin by protecting any windows or objects that could be damaged by flying debris. Then dig up any rocks that are nearby, and trim the stump. While some of these steps may seem simple, it is best to hire a tree service professional because of their experience detangling roots from utilities and the danger associated with using heavy equipment. Older trees have bigger roots that sprawl, making removal more difficult. If the roots have reached under foundations, sidewalks, driveways, or other structures, removal will be even more difficult.

Safety Tip

Before Hentges tree experts begin digging, they always find out where utility lines may be buried first. We call 811 or visit mo1call.com a few business days before starting your project. Utility companies will come out and mark underground lines with paint or flags so we can avoid hitting them while working on your property.

What to do After Removal

When the Hentges experts have successfully removed the stump, the area will need some continued attention. The hole should be filled with the original dirt so that spot doesn’t mar your lawn permanently. For grassy landscapes, it is best to fill the hole with a material that is more dense, such as heavy soil or clay, and then add a 3-inch layer of topsoil. Otherwise, the hole may settle over time, and you’ll have a stump-sized depression in your yard. After the hole is filled, add a fresh layer of grass seed and water regularly.

Why You Should Choose Hentges

When looking for the best business to remove a stump on your property remember, the years of experience and professionalism of Hentges cannot be matched. We have been in business since 1969, continuing to stay at the forefront of innovation with state-of-the-art equipment and professional training. Hentges even employs two Certified Treecare Safety Professionals (CTSP). Contact us today to get a quote on your stump removal!