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5905 Old Lohman Rd.

Jefferson City, Mo.

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5905 Old Lohman Rd.

Jefferson City, Mo.

Mon. - Fri. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Professional Tree Selection Services

by Hentges Tree Service

Located in Jefferson City, MO, Hentges Tree Service specializes in comprehensive tree care. Our commitment is to cultivate aesthetically pleasing and ecologically harmonious environments that will flourish and enchant for years to come.

Your Trusted Partner in Green Aesthetics

At Hentges Tree Service, we understand that proper tree pruning is an art that requires precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of tree biology. Our skilled arborists bring years of experience to the table, utilizing industry best practices to ensure your trees thrive and flourish. Here’s why our tree pruning service stands out:

Tree Selection

Selecting the right tree is paramount to achieving a balanced and appealing landscape. At Hentges Tree Service, we consider various factors such as the tree’s growth rate, size, shape, and maintenance requirements, as well as soil type, sunlight, and the climate of your location. This meticulous approach enhances the possibility that each tree will thrive in its environment, contribute to the overall aesthetic of the landscape, and require minimal intervention to maintain its health and appearance.

The Right Tree, Right Place Philosophy

We firmly believe in the philosophy of planting the “right tree in the right place.” This practice is vital to fostering a stunning and sustainable landscape. By meticulously selecting trees that are best suited to a specific location and environment, we help ensure the trees and landscape remain vibrant, healthy, and beautiful for generations.

Benefits of Tree Selection:


Elevate the beauty and appeal of your outdoor spaces.


A well-designed landscape significantly enhances property value.


Strategic tree selection contributes to the creation of eco-friendly landscapes.


The right trees in the right places minimize maintenance efforts and costs.


Expertise: Leverage years of experience and knowledge in tree selection and expert ongoing care.

Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your vision, preferences, and satisfaction.

Quality Service: Offering top-notch tree selection advice and comprehensive tree maintenance services with a focus on precision and attention to detail.

Sustainability: Committed to eco-friendly practices that promote environmental well-being.

Local Understanding: Profound knowledge of local flora, climate, and soil types in and around Jefferson City, MO.

    Transform Your Landscape with Hentges Tree Service!

    Allow us to guide you in selecting trees for the landscape of your dreams. With our expertise in tree selection, Hentges Tree Service is your partner in creating outdoor spaces that are a harmonious blend of beauty, functionality, and sustainability.


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