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Trees & Property Value – How to Maximize Both

You’ve just purchased a lovely home, and you’re thrilled to start making it your own. But as you survey your surroundings, something catches your eye – the foliage on the property is starting to look a bit rough. But don’t worry, with a few simple steps and some knowledge of how trees affect home value, you can maximize the value of your property and enjoy its natural beauty.

In this article, we discuss how trees on your property can increase or decrease your home’s value – and what you can do to get the most out of them. From understanding basic tree care principles to uncovering why trees are considered “green-value assets,” we cover all the basics and give advice on maximizing the value of any trees on your property.

Benefits of Planting Trees on Your Property

Planting trees on your property can be one of the most effective ways to increase its value. Home buyers and renters are often drawn to homes with attractive trees on the lot because they add visual appeal, while also providing shelter from the hot summer sun and seasonal wind and rain. In fact, studies have shown that mature trees can increase a property’s value by up to 20%, while also reducing energy costs.

The Right Trees for Your Home

Choosing the right trees for your property is key to increasing your home’s property value. Not all trees are created equally, so you need to choose the ones that are best suited for the environment.

Remember too that it’s not just about choosing the right tree – you also need to care for it properly. This means watering it adequately according to your local climate conditions and pruning regularly to prevent overcrowding or disease. You should also fertilize and mulch each spring to encourage growth, health and better coloration of the trees on your property.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your trees are healthy and thriving – which in turn will make them more attractive to potential homebuyers and add greater value to your home’s landscape!

The Impact of Trees on Home Sale Price

Did you know that the trees on your property can have an impact on your home’s sale price? While trees can add to the aesthetic of a property and increase curb appeal, they also come with a few potential downfalls. Let’s look at some of the things you need to consider before planting a tree.

Potential Risks

It’s important to note that there are risks involved in having trees on your property. Mature or large trees often come with more root systems that could potentially damage sidewalks, driveways, foundation walls and other outdoor structures. Trees near power lines or buildings may also need to be removed due to safety concerns or structural integrity.

By taking into consideration both the benefits and risks associated with having trees on your property, you will be better informed if you decide to plant a tree or remove an existing one to increase the value of your home  –  ultimately allowing you to maximize both your property value and satisfaction of living surrounded by nature.

Long-Term Maintenance and Care for Trees

As with any long-term investment, you need to take care of the trees on your property if you want them to help boost your property value. A little bit of effort will go a long way, and regular maintenance and care is key. Here are some of the most important steps for maintaining and caring for your trees:


Pruning is important because it helps maintain the tree’s structure, encourages healthy growth, and prevents potential safety issues like branches breaking during storms. Make sure you only prune during the dormant season in late fall or late winter for most trees, since pruning at other times can actually stress the tree.


Water is essential for the proper growth of trees, especially during the first few years after they have been planted. During dry spells, water your trees whenever needed so that they stay hydrated. The amount of water will depend on the age and size of the tree, but make sure that the soil around it stays moist at least a few inches deep.


Fertilizing helps replenish vital nutrients that are missing from the soil, which can help your trees look good and stay healthy in the long run. Depending on what kind of soil you have in your area, you may need to fertilize once or twice a year; check with a professional arborist from Hentges Tree Service to find out more about fertilizer options for trees on your property.

Removing Unwanted or Diseased Trees

If you have an unwanted or diseased tree on your property, it can have a seriously negative impact on your home’s property value. Removing it doesn’t just benefit your home – it benefits your neighborhood, too.

Unwanted trees

Removing unwanted trees from your property can help to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the area and prevent potential problems for other properties. Dead trees have a much higher chance of falling over and damaging buildings and vehicles or causing injury to people and pets.

Diseased trees

It is important to remove diseased trees as soon as possible, as they can spread their infection to other nearby trees. This can quickly reduce the value of your home and other homes in the area because it leads to a decrease in landscaping quality.

The good news is that you do not have to sacrifice your property value when removing unhealthy trees. You can use the professional services from Hentges Tree Service, like tree trimming and pruning, as well as the removal of stumps and roots. These services will ensure that any signs of illness or damage are removed safely without damaging or disturbing healthy parts of the tree. With these services, you’ll be able to keep the remaining healthy parts of the tree while still protecting yourself from further liability posed by unwanted or diseased trees.

Trees are one of the most valuable assets you can have on your property. Whether you are trying to maximize the value of your property or just enjoy the beauty of your landscape, taking the time to properly care for and nurture your trees can make a dramatic difference.

Make sure your trees are healthy and thriving, practice good pruning and planting techniques, and consider how to use trees to create a beautiful and diverse landscape. With these tips and tricks in mind, and the help of Hentges Tree Service, you can maximize the value of your property and increase its appeal for years to come.



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